We stock a variety of multi-purpose compost, manure, bark, grow bags and much more

The varieties we sell are ones we use ourselves

We regulary check the quality to make sure our customers are receiving the best compost possible for competative prices.

Clover Bark Chips

This is a quality peat product ideal for any borders
or pots.

This product can help to keep borders and pots looking great and keep weeds to a minimum.

Manor Farm compost

Manor Farm compost is our multi-purpose compost which is ideal for any garden. It can be added to any borders, plant pots, grass and more.

It is a very good compost that we have used for many years and has proved to be very good quality.

Durstons Top Soil

Durstons Top Soil is ideal for lawns, beds, borders.

It is an enriched variety of top soil.

Durstons Farmyard manure

Durstons Farmyard manure for planting and pulching.

This product is very good quality and ideal for grass, borders and plants.

Durstons Ericaeous Compost

Durstons Ericaeous Compost is a product for specific acid loving varieties of plants such as azalea's, rhoddendron's, Camellia's, Heathers, Acers and many more.

Durstons Grow Bags

Durstons grow bags is a product ideal for growing vegetables, herbs and fruit.